Monday, October 11, 2010

Child Safe Car Locks, Not just for Kids...

Over the weekend we decided to head over to Costco and take Seuss along for the ride. Mike had recently rented a Ford Flex for his long work commute and since he's really been enjoying it he thought it would be nice to see if Seuss liked it too - been thinking about getting a new car anyway. Up until now we have only had a Bronco which is big and roomy, Seuss loves it. However, there are no back windows that open.

On the car ride back we stopped at Wendys to grab lunch. Seuss had been enjoying his own open window for the first time and at the smell of french fries felt obligated to stick his head out of the window to investigate. What we didn't realize was he had stepped on the window button and had started closing it on himself. He started to panic but was silent until it was tight enough on his throat for him to cough. Up until then we hadn't noticed anything. I had turned to just check on him and saw him choking in the window. We instantly got the window down and he backed up and fell, crying and shaken. Mike of course pulled over and we rushed to check him over. Thankfully, he was fine, shaken and scared but, no harm done. Mike adjusted the window so he couldn't fit his whole head out and set the child safety locks. Lucky for us Seuss loves the car and is a trooper. He has since ridden in the same car with the locks and was fine.

I recommend using those as a safety precaution to anyone who has pets who enjoy a car ride. Seuss was lucky we spotted him in time and hadn't been on the highway because we might not have heard anything.

I wanted to share this because for those of you have pets who love going for a's a good lesson to learn.

~Seuss's Mommy